The Perfect SWAG Box: Essential Onboard Kit Ideas from SG Corporate Gifts

Welcome to SG Corporate Gifts, your premier destination for customizable corporate gifts in Singapore. Our mission is to help you make a lasting impression on your employees, clients, and partners with thoughtfully curated SWAG (Stuff We All Get) boxes. A well-designed SWAG box not only welcomes new employees and delights clients but also reinforces your brand’s identity and values. In this blog post, we will explore a comprehensive range of items ideal for an onboard kit, ensuring your recipients feel valued and appreciated from the moment they receive it.

The Importance of a Well-Curated SWAG Box

A SWAG box is more than just a collection of items; it’s a carefully curated package that conveys your brand’s values and culture. For new employees, it serves as a warm welcome, making them feel valued and integrated from day one. For clients and partners, it’s a gesture of appreciation that strengthens relationships and enhances brand loyalty. At SG Corporate Gifts, we understand the significance of each item in your SWAG box, and we are here to help you create the perfect onboard kit.

Essential Items for Your Onboard Kit

1. Custom Branded Notebook

A custom branded notebook is a must-have for any onboard kit. It’s practical, useful, and provides a constant reminder of your brand. Opt for high-quality materials with your company’s logo elegantly embossed or printed on the cover. Notebooks are perfect for jotting down ideas, taking meeting notes, or planning projects, making them an indispensable part of your SWAG box.

2. Stylish Pen Set

Pair the notebook with a stylish pen set to complete the writing experience. High-quality pens, engraved with your company logo, add a touch of professionalism and elegance. Consider including a variety of pens such as ballpoint, gel, and fountain pens to cater to different preferences. A well-crafted pen set not only enhances the writing experience but also serves as a functional keepsake for your recipients.

3. Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

Eco-consciousness is a growing trend, and an eco-friendly tote bag is a great way to align your brand with sustainability. These reusable bags can be customized with your logo and are perfect for carrying daily essentials. They also serve as a mobile advertisement for your brand, increasing visibility wherever they go. Choose tote bags made from recycled materials or organic cotton to further emphasize your commitment to the environment.

4. Personalized Water Bottle

Hydration is key to productivity, and a personalized water bottle is both a thoughtful and practical gift. Choose bottles made from high-quality materials like stainless steel or BPA-free plastic, and customize them with your company’s branding. Insulated water bottles are especially appreciated as they keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods. This not only promotes healthy habits but also reduces the use of disposable plastic bottles.

5. Tech Gadgets

In today’s digital age, tech gadgets are highly valued. Consider including items such as:

  • USB Flash Drives: Preload them with essential company information, welcome messages, or useful resources.
  • Wireless Chargers: These are incredibly convenient and help keep devices powered up without the hassle of cords.
  • Bluetooth Speakers or Earbuds: Perfect for enhancing productivity and enjoyment both in and out of the office.

Tech gadgets are not only functional but also showcase your company’s modern and innovative approach.

6. Branded Apparel

Branded apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, or caps not only fosters team spirit but also serves as a walking advertisement for your company. Ensure the apparel is comfortable, stylish, and features your company logo prominently. Offering a range of sizes and styles will ensure that everyone can find something they love.

Creating a Memorable Unboxing Experience

The unboxing experience is just as important as the items themselves. Here are a few tips to make it memorable:

  • Custom Packaging: Use boxes with your branding, colors, and logo. High-quality, aesthetically pleasing packaging enhances the overall experience.
  • Personal Touches: Add handwritten notes or personalized messages to make recipients feel valued and special.
  • Thoughtful Arrangement: Arrange the items neatly and consider adding decorative elements like tissue paper, ribbons, or confetti for an extra touch of elegance.

Benefits of a Well-Curated Onboard Kit

A thoughtfully curated onboard kit can significantly impact both the morale and productivity of new employees, while also strengthening relationships with clients and partners. Here are some detailed benefits of investing in a well-designed SWAG (Stuff We All Get) box:

1. Boosts Morale

Welcoming new employees with a well-curated SWAG box makes them feel appreciated and valued right from the start. This initial gesture can set a positive tone for their entire experience with your company.

  • Sense of Belonging: Receiving a personalized onboard kit helps new hires feel like part of the team. Items branded with the company logo and colors can foster a sense of belonging and unity.
  • Motivation: High-quality, useful items show that the company cares about the well-being and comfort of its employees, which can motivate them to perform better and engage more deeply with their work.

2. Strengthens Brand Loyalty

High-quality, useful gifts leave a positive impression on clients and partners, fostering long-term relationships and strengthening brand loyalty.

  • Positive Impression: Thoughtful and practical items demonstrate that your company is attentive to the needs of its stakeholders. This positive impression can lead to increased loyalty and trust.
  • Long-Term Relationships: Regularly updating your SWAG boxes with new and innovative items can keep clients and partners engaged and excited about your brand. This ongoing engagement can help in building long-term relationships.
  • Referral Potential: Satisfied clients and partners are more likely to refer your company to others. A well-curated onboard kit can serve as a talking point, encouraging word-of-mouth referrals.

3. Enhances Productivity

Providing practical items like notebooks, pens, and tech gadgets can directly impact the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

  • Ready to Work: Supplying new hires with essential tools ensures they are ready to start work immediately. This can reduce downtime and help them integrate more quickly into their roles.
  • Organization and Efficiency: High-quality notebooks and planners can help employees stay organized, prioritize tasks, and manage their time effectively. Tech gadgets like USB drives and wireless chargers can enhance their efficiency.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Items like ergonomic desk accessories or personalized water bottles can contribute to a more comfortable work environment, allowing employees to focus better and work more efficiently.

4. Promotes Brand Awareness

Branded items serve as constant reminders of your company, increasing brand visibility both inside and outside the office.

  • Daily Use: Items that are used daily, such as coffee mugs, tote bags, and water bottles, constantly remind the recipient of your brand. This repeated exposure reinforces brand recognition.
  • External Visibility: When employees, clients, or partners use branded items in public, they act as walking advertisements for your company. This can increase your brand’s visibility and attract potential clients or employees.
  • Consistency: A well-curated SWAG box ensures that all items are consistently branded, maintaining a cohesive and professional image. This consistency can strengthen your brand identity and make it more recognizable.

Tips for Customizing Your SWAG Box

To make your SWAG (Stuff We All Get) box truly unique and impactful, it’s essential to customize it thoughtfully. Here are some detailed tips to ensure your SWAG box leaves a lasting impression:

1. Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience is the first step in creating a SWAG box that resonates. Tailoring the items to the preferences and needs of your recipients shows that you value them and have put thought into the gift.

  • Demographics: Consider the age, gender, and cultural background of your recipients. For example, tech gadgets might appeal more to a younger, tech-savvy crowd, while wellness items could be a hit with a health-conscious group.
  • Job Roles: Think about the daily tasks and responsibilities of your recipients. Office supplies and tech accessories might be more useful for corporate employees, while creative tools and inspirational items could be better suited for marketing or design teams.
  • Personal Preferences: Whenever possible, personalize items to individual tastes. This could include customized names on notebooks or choosing colors that match the recipient’s preferences.

2. Brand Consistency

Ensuring brand consistency across all items in your SWAG box helps reinforce your company’s identity and message. It’s an excellent way to keep your brand top-of-mind for recipients.

  • Colors and Logos: Use your company’s color palette and prominently display your logo on all items. This not only creates a cohesive look but also strengthens brand recognition.
  • Messaging: Include your brand’s tagline or mission statement on select items to remind recipients of your core values.
  • Packaging: The packaging itself should reflect your brand. Custom boxes with your logo and brand colors make the unboxing experience more exciting and memorable.

3. Quality Over Quantity

While it might be tempting to fill your SWAG box with numerous items, focusing on quality over quantity is a more effective strategy. High-quality items are more likely to be used and appreciated by recipients, leaving a positive impression of your brand.

  • Durability: Choose items that are well-made and durable. A high-quality notebook or pen will be used daily, constantly reminding the recipient of your brand.
  • Usefulness: Ensure that each item has practical value. Tech gadgets, eco-friendly water bottles, and stylish tote bags are items that recipients can use regularly.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: High-quality, aesthetically pleasing items are more likely to be valued and cherished. Elegant design and premium materials can make a significant difference.

4. Feedback Loop

Creating a feedback loop allows you to continuously improve your SWAG boxes based on recipient feedback. This ensures that your future SWAG boxes are even more relevant and appreciated.

  • Surveys: Send out surveys to recipients asking for their opinions on the items included. Questions could cover the usefulness, quality, and overall satisfaction with the SWAG box.
  • Direct Feedback: Encourage recipients to provide direct feedback via email or social media. This can provide you with more detailed insights into what works and what doesn’t.
  • Regular Updates: Use the feedback to update and refine your SWAG boxes regularly. This shows recipients that you value their opinions and are committed to providing the best possible experience.


At SG Corporate Gifts, we understand the power of thoughtful gifting. Our wide range of customizable items ensures that your SWAG boxes are not only practical but also meaningful and memorable. By carefully selecting each item, you can create an onboard kit that truly reflects your brand’s values and makes a lasting impression.

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